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Solinio village

Offer to you Nature and Wellness

An ancient village within a protected area, the Park of Alta Murgia, where for the past thirty years, you apply a style of life comatibile and eco-sustainable tourism. Solinio Village today is both a structure where you can spend a few days relaxing or come and spend one day with family and friends surrounded by nature, that a training organization accredited by recognizing the ongoing work of promoting scientific and protection and enhancement of the area in the last 30 years. It is home to a school of Music Therapy Psychosomatics, a Centre of Psychotherapy Residential Ecosystemic, School College "F.Palmirotta" UNESCO; conducts of Music Therapy, Psychotherapy, Ecoterapia and Hippotherapy.

In Solinio you can celebrate your anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and weddings at prices ethical and sustainable. You can get and make a gift to a friend, or simply decide to spend a day immersed in nature while enjoying dishes prepared using fresh ingredients from the local tradition.



You can ...

….advantage of services to individual and family well-being psychosomatic:
- Counseling services for individual and family problems
- Music Therapy
- Horse-therapy
- Psychosomatic Massage
- Training for relaxation
- Meditation and Imagering
- Support infantile psycho-pedagogical


Music therapy sessions conducted in the natural environment, to find that ancient harmony of nature and man's own with which it interacts.

To listen to be natural in your site through perceptions in order to create harmony in itself.

In addition to

Since 2012 it has become Solinio Environmental Education Center of the City of Cassano delle Murgia whose main objective is the promotion of the territory and environmental education, and also taking care of business education teachers in schools of all levels, through awareness-raising projects and protection of the local ecosystem, socialization and rehabilitation projects for disabled people, educational workshops permanent features .

- Nature walks within the Park of Alta Murgia
- Environmental education workshops targeting both younger adults:
- Laboratories
- Workshops soap
- Laboratory of candles
- Laboratory of recycled paper
- Workshops reuse (glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, etc ...)
- Preparation of infusions, decoctions and infusions using the medicinal plants of the area
- Trekking and horse- riding starter accompanied by our expert guides equestrian environmental

Purè of fava bean from a pythagorean receipt, 
Mortadella to the lemon with perfume of laurel, 
Pizza bread, 
Crostoni (grilled bread) with sauces, 
Marinated spinaches Polenta to the chicory, 
vegetables cakes, 
fresh cheese with marmelade

First Dish  two course meal
A) Orecchiette con pomodorini, rucola e ricotta marzotica . 

B) Scialatielli (fresh pasta) in crema di zucchine (with zucchini sauce)

Auricles-pasta with pomodorini,(cherry tomatos), 

rucola (rocket is a type of leaf vegetable cfr.underwritten note) and ricotta marzotica (fresh cheese)


Second Dish
Grigliata mista salsiccia punta di coltello (vitello-maiale)
tocchetti di pollo assortiti
Mix of roasted sausage, cut down with knife (calf-pig) and tocchetti (little pieces) of assorted chicken
Early Potatoes oven-cooked or rich salad
Fruit of season,
(tipical southern Italy’s cream-cakes), Coffee / Bitter-liquor
Water and Wine of the house (local winery product)


This is a "menu type"; in general, however, we serve about 7-8 appetizers, 2/1, 1 main course, dessert, fruit, bitter coffee.
Water and wine are included, other drinks to be considered separately.

Is possible to choose a child menu, with a reduct price like to 50% of the traditional menu.

The menu is subject to change, aimed at the fresh-quality components and supply base for the dishes.
prepare dishes using only seasonal items typical of the Mediterranean diet.


Guided tours of the "stones of Matera".
Guided tours of the trulli of Alberobello, the caves of Castellana and panoramic tour of the Valley 'Itria and bike hire.
Guided tours of the "dinosaur quarry," or the place that has shocked the scientific theories on the exact location of the space - time of the dinosaurs, and famous archaeological sites.
Horse riding in the Forest of Mercadante.
Horse trekking.
Excursions on a sailing boat to admire the beautiful coast of Puglia.
Ride a bike (made available to customers by the management of the farm).
Guided tours to discover the herbs and food Murgia.
Bird watching in the hills and in the Forest of Mercadante.

Solinio village

Contrada Taverna Nuova 106 - 70020 Cassano delle Murge (BA)  ITALY 

We are 40 km from Bari, by car via the SP 236 will arrive in about 36 minutes
We are 78 km from Taranto, by the E843 or the SS100 will arrive in about 1 hour and a 1/4

About 40 minutes from the International Airport of Bari Karol Wojtyla
Viale Enzo Ferrari, 70128 Bari, Italy


 +39 393 804 1552      +39 333 958 0990   

 +39 333 958 0990      +39 347 387 2964      +39 320 950 6793

Is possible to book the transport from / to airport or from / to railway station. 
Call for information.

The Alta Murgia National Park, established in 2004, is a nature reserve located in Puglia, in the province of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani.
The park covers an area of 68 033 hectares, on the highest plateau of the Murgia of the Northwest. It coincides with a part of the largest Special Protection Area established to protect the Steppe grasses, habitat of the Lesser Kestrel.
Among the main attractions of the park should be counted Castel del Monte, one of the most famous castles of the entire southern Italian. Of particular interest are the Mercadante Forest Cassano in the territory of the Murgia, the extent of which is about 1800, the Pulo di Altamura, representing the largest sinkhole in the territory, and the valley of the dinosaurs, still in the territory Altamura. Other places of interest are the ravines, typical karst landforms of the Murgia and the Great Forest Defense in the territory of Gravina di Puglia, a large forest resources of over 3000 hectares and representing one of the most important forest complexes in Puglia. Details are jazzi rock buildings used during periods of transhumance, more frequent in the territory of Andria, Ruvo, Minervino and Spinazzola.
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